Meet the Linea411 Team

  • Liz Sasco
    Liz Sasco Marketing

    Responsible for making detailed profiles of our target audience so we can make marketing and distribution decisions. Also an intricate part of our sales team.

  • Carlos Salamanca
    Carlos Salamanca Media Director

    Manages our media department, creating videos and print design. Devises plans for placing ads and ensures our advertisement stays within budget.

  • Jannery Calle
    Jannery Calle Social Media

    Social Media Marketing is a huge role for businesses today. Connecting to today’s customers with today’s technology is how I help our clients.

  • Paloma Vargas
    Paloma Vargas Public Relations

    The absolute best at promoting and representing our services through our social media networks & blogs. She also hosts our company videos & events.

  • Frank S.
    Frank S. Business Development

    Frank is committed to ideals of consistency and dedication in order to build the most successful, long lasting partnerships.

  • Marisol R.
    Marisol R. Sales / Events

    She understands the Latino Market and remains focused on our services. Experienced with customer interaction and a natural communicator.

  • Jose L.
    Jose L. Sales

    He is in communication with all our clients to maintain a great level of service & quality. Leading businesses in the right direction.

  • Jey T.
    Jey T. Operations Manager

    He oversees our day by day operations and is a seasoned web developer. He also manages our content & technical challenges.

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